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Mentoring agreement for CRC 648 doctoral students

Mentoring is a key element in CRC 648. Upon admission to CRC 648, every doctoral student is assigned a mentor.

The students are required to meet their mentor and the CRC 648 coordinator at least every 6 months in order to discuss and evaluate personal progress in both research and external training.

Mentoring agreement.pdf (104.3 KB)  vom 16.07.2013

MeCoSa 4.0 für MINT-Studentinnen

Mentoring Program for female PhD-Students

The mentoring program "Im Tandem zum Erfolg" is addressed to all female PhD students of the MLU. It provides knowledge about structures and processes of the scientific community and the opportunity for the Students to build their own network.

Mentoring Program for female postdocs

The universities of Halle, Jena and Leipzig offer a specific Mentoring-Program for female postdocs   . It is addressed to female scientists who wish to pursue a career in Academia. Seasoned Mentors provide support to the postdocs, to help them plan their career by sharing knowledge, key competences and contacts.